The 3 best dishes of TML


After the first weekend of madness, time for a round-up. During those 3 days of happiness and celebration, me and my colleagues tried several dishes on the TML site. Alright, not the fancy stuff. We tried the real festival food. And that, my dear friends, was on a whole other level compared to other festivals. Every dish was completely prepared, just like you would get them in a restaurant. ??So, let’s take a look at those dishes and where they originally come from. Before you read any further, I want to apologise for the pieces missing on the pics. I couldn’t resist to take a bite before taking a pic.

The wrap

A dish that became really popular in Belgium a few years back. All of a sudden, top cooks started to cook them. But where do they come from? Well, the wrap originates from many different southern countries, such as Greece, Mexico, Turkey and many others. Of course, all of these countries have different names for the ‘healthy pancake’. In Mexico, for instance, the wrap is better known as burrito.


The BBQ dish

This dish was absolutely as you would have??an ordinary BBQ at home. Salad, tomatoes, potatoes and a piece of meat. Clean, nothing too fancy, but it did the job. But is it really internationale? Well, let me explain.????The name, barbecue, ??derivates from the word ‘barabicu’, which means ‘sacred fire pit’. It originates from the Caribean and Florida. So, although you didn’t think that BBQ was very international, it’s perhaps the most international dish, or let’s say cooking method, of the whole festival. And the most important part, everyone likes and enjoys a good bbq. It’s just perfect for a cosy gathering with friends and family. Or an occasion to meet new people.


French fries

They are eaten everywhere around the world. And people, remember, they are BELGIAN. French fries, are BELGIAN. Yes, I know, it’s a mind fuck. But I did not invent English. ??We eat them with mayonaise, ketchup or other sauces. And most of the time, for the big appetite, we add some meat ( if you can call those things meat). I prefere a viandel, bitterballen or a kipcorn. And I also don’t mind eating a hamburger. So, if you’re in Belgium, please eat french fries. You’ll love them.??madness_french fries_ dish_tomorrowland_foodThese dishes were my favourite ones during the first weekend and kept me going with a full stomach. Enjoy them when you’re in the madness, and you will be fine.





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