6 smartphone battery tips for Tomorrowland


So you are on Tomorrowland. That means you will be needing your smartphone. From taking pictures and movies, to spamming your social media channels (use hashtag #madness14  people!!!) to finding the friends you met yesterday or lost in the crowd a few hours ago to ensuring mommy and daddy that you are still alive. So it basically it’s a bitch when the battery dies on you… So here are some of our battery tips.

1. Get a Tomorrowland battery pack at the entrance!

First off, get a Tomorrowland battery pack as soon as you get there! The only booth is on your way down from the main entrance and you will curse yourself if you have to make the trip back later only for the battery pack. Read our article about it here!

2. Plan your recharge moments

Recharging takes time, even with a decent battery pack, so don’t wait until your phone goes below 10%. If you need to make a call at that moment because you lost your friends or you want to get someone’s phone number or photo, you will have a problem.

As soon as you go below 20%, find a charging point and start using the tips below to conserve energy.

3. Adapt your screen’s brightness

There is a lot on your smartphone that drains the battery, but the screen is above all others the major power consumer. iPhone users can adapt their brightness easily by pulling up the menu from the bottom side of their screen while Android users can install a widget or give screen brightness a place in their pull down menu

4. Turn off GPS (apps) when you don’t need it anymore

Yes, it’s a lot fun to check in everywhere, but if Swarm or Foursquare continue to run on the background, they will drain your battery fast if they are allowed to use your smartphone’s GPS location!

Do be aware, turning off the GPS entirely will also disable options like Find my iPhone or variants for other smartphones platforms… This is a function that might come in handy if your smartphone would get lost or stolen. So you might wanna keep it to just turning off the apps that use GPS location like Foursquare. For the iPhone you can find this in Settings > Privacy > Location services

5. Turn off mobile data when you don’t need it!

Mobile internet sure is handy to keep in touch, but even when you are only using it on the background, it does drain the battery a little extra. So you should consider turning it off when you don’t need it. You can still use your phone to make phone calls and send text messages, but services like Find My iPhone will not work anymore either.

 6. At times, airplane mode will be enough

Airplane Mode is a tricky power saver:  you are no longer reachable on your smartphone, and it also kills functions like Find My iPhone, so you should think about when you use it. However, if you are going to take pictures for a while or if you are sleeping with your smartphone in your sleeping bag then there isn’t much harm in turning it on.


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