All alone from Sweden to Tomorrowland.


In a spirit of the moment decision Nadine, a 26 year restaurant staff manager from Sweden, decided to go to Tomorrowland. As nobody wanted to join her in this unplanned trip, she went on her own. A decision she didn???t regret at all. ???I really want everyone to know how happy I was about the way I was welcomed on Tomorrowland as a lonely traveler???, she told us when we interviewed her online a few weeks after Tomorrowland.

We noticed Nadine???s shout out for companions on Tomorrowland on a Facebook group ???Tomorrowland 2014 weekend 1???. Needless to say that a single 26 year old woman got plenty of offers for company. Anyways, it caught our attention and a few weeks after the festival we interviewed her online about how it all went down.

So what made you decide to go to Tomorrowland on your own? Did your friends cancel on you or what happened?

Well, I went to the festival Ultra Europe. And basically, I didn???t want to go back to my normal life at home. Especially because I would miss out on the opportunity to meet even more amazing people.

I booked the ticket for Tomorrowland on tuesday as I came back from Ultra Europe. So I rushed home, had 3 hours in my apartment to shower and repack before heading back to the airport. I booked the plane ticket during the night before wednesday.

So basically I went alone because:

  • No one else wanted to go
  • I didn???t want to miss an experience like that
  • I only had one ticket

So I had to travel alone anyways. I did meet someone whom I still talk to, he???s amazing!

Your Facebook post sure had some response, how did you feel about that?

The response on Facebook was insane! I knew i wouldn???t meet all the people who wrote, but it helped me believe that everyone is welcome there and that everything would be alright.

So how did it go? What was your highlight at Tomorrowland?

The most nervous part was when I arrived at Dreamville. I sat on my bag outside the rainbow, all alone, my phone died and I was just hoping that the guy who had my bracelet would show up. And he did!!

Everything from there was amazing, I would do it a 100 times over again. I really want to thank everyone for their support along the way from Sweden and all the way to Boom. They were the best 4 days of my life.

The highlight was be the camp I ended up in. A Swedish camp with 30 people, everyone was simply amazing! We had the best of times together and it felt like a family from the first day.

Sounds amazing, so no downsides?

My feet got infected so I couldn???t walk or dance for a while. Luckily one of my friends (who I actually met through Facebook) took me on his shoulders during Steve Angelo so I could still enjoy the performance. That moment was priceless.

All things considered, a pretty sweet visit to Tomorrowland.


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  1. It’s really amazing how united everybody is at this festival. I also went alone this year all over from Romania, had the best time of my life and I didn’t stay alone not even one minute.

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