Clean toilets? This way!


Going to a festival this summer? Finding a clean toilet can be a real struggle.

Finding a toilet isn???t that hard, but finding a clean or unused toilet on a festival site can get quite tricky. But don???t panic, unless you really need to take a leak or dump urgently.

Even if you???re not a genius, some simple maths can show you the way to one of the cleanest toilets. Let???s assume there are three types of toilets, unused toilets, used toilets but clean and those you rather won???t use. Let???s assume there are 3 toilets available. The trick is to skip the first one (unless it looks good to you) and compare the second one to the previous one. If the second toilet is worse than the first one, you???ll take third toilet, even if this might be even worse. If the second toilet is better compared to the first one, you stop checking and choose the second toilet. This method will give you a chance of 50% of finding one of the cleanest toilets around.

Unfortunately there will probably be more than 3 toilets at the festival, so using the previous trick might take ages and people will be queuing behind you. So, what could you do in your search to find your perfect toilet? Some mathematicians figured out that you have to reject the first 37% of toilets available and take the first that is the best so far. So let???s assume there are 100 toilets, you check the first 37 toilets and after that you pick the next best toilet compared to the previous toilet.

Even this trick can take some time but might be helpful in the end. We all know when you really need to take a leak or dump you just pick out a few toilets instead of using maths, but hey, this can be an interesting fact you can tell your buddy while you are in the queue.

Fancy a video with the mathematical??explanation? Check out this video!


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