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Have you seen the article from Studio Brussel about food we shared a while back on our Facebook page? Here is an overview in English!

10 B-EAT
Collab between a star chef and a DJ. 3 times a day you can enjoy a 1 hour session. Each session welcomes 90 people. Enjoy the food with appropriate music!

9 Pizza in a real wood oven
Peppe Giacomazza (Chef of La Botte in Genk) and his Sicilian friends are at your pizza service! These delicious pizzas are made in custom crafted ovens. (TIP: While you’re there, try his pasta too ;) )
8 Strawberries
Want to eat something healthy? Visit these lovely ladies for some awesome strawberries! Grown for Tomorrowland only, these strawberries are extra sweet and juicy. Also try them with whipped cream and/or real Belgian chocolate!
7 Burger-galore
What would a festival be without burgers? But these aren’t just regular burgers. These burgers are made by star chef Bart de Pooter and other acclaimed chefs.

6 French fries from Swa & Marieke
These local legends make French fries like you’ve never tasted before!

5 Belgian Steak House
A classy restaurant that only serves real Belgian “Wit-Blauw”. Want to be sure you get to taste this godlike meat? Book a table HERE!!
Belgian Steak House
Not to mention the stunning view you have while eating: (view from last year)
View Steakhouse 2013
4 Belgian Chocolate Experience
Chef Patrick Aubrion and Trimpont Planet Plantation ambassador Annemie have prepared the best refreshing dessert for you!
Belgian Chocolate Experience

3 Lombardia: vegetarian and gluten-free
Are you allergic to certain foods? Are you a vegetarian? Just send an email to [email protected] and tell them your needs, indicate what day(s) you want a meal and Lombardia cooks it! The meal will be on your table with your name on it!

2 Finjan
One of the first kebab & falafel restaurants to be mentioned in the Gault&Millau guide!

1 Balls ‘n Glory
Meatballs!!! But not just the every day meatball you’d expect it to be! Chef Wim Ballieu has prepared an awesome recipe with extraordinary flavours.
Balls 'n Glory
Sergio Herman. Don’t know him? A Dutch chef with 3(!!!) Michelin stars. A 5 course dinner with the appropriate wine for every course. There are 12 tables spread over the 2 weekends. I’d love to try this out but all this fancy stuff comes at a cost: €15,000/table. But don’t worry! All of the money goes to charity!
Sergio Herman


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