Dj Makasi gets the people warm on the Partyflight from Frankfurt as they set sail to Tomorrowland


With the second weekend starting today, the partyflights from Brussels Airlines started yesterday. Dj Makasi got the privilege to play for the first time on a partyflight, while the people flying in from Frankfurt, certainly got the privilege to hear this man play and getting them in mood for 3 days of madness.

Since this was his first time, Makasi didn’t know really what to expect. “The passengers could not get up and needed to be seated, for safety reasons, what I totally understand. But they still found a way to show their presence by using their hands, mouth; singing along or just making noise, to still get that party feeling.” , he said.

Just playing the tunes, wasn’t enough for the DJ. He got to the crowd just to make sure they had a really good time!! “I was standing between two cabins, in the middle of the plane. So the people in the front couldn’t see me, because they were looking in front of them. So I had to go up to them and make sure to give’em a boost. And it worked!!”

Although this was a flight he would never forget, we still had to ask him, witch flight experience still hangs on to the Dj. This is what he had to say. “My best flight experience has to be my flight to Vegas. Meeting fun and cool people on the plane and they upgraded me to Business, where there were also cool people to meet and girls, but we will not go into details on that one (laughing). So yeah that was a pretty cool flight to me.”

Make sure you catch him today, Friday July 25 at the Blue Flame stage from 19:45 ’til 20:30.

Makasi had also one thing to add for the ones who weren’t on the flight, check out below.







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