Food madness.


Make some noise; Tomorrowland 2014 is back for an epic edition! The music, DJs and setting are almost ready to give you madness. But what about that one thing that some people sometimes forget about? Yes, I???m talking about food.


Everyone, who has ever visited a festival, knows food is important. It can add that little extra to an already awesome experience or completely make the party worse. Along??with my colleagues/ food lovers, I will explore the variety of food at the greatest event of the year, Tomorrowland.?? Sounds like heaven, doesn???t it?


Yes, we see it as our sacred mission to help you guys find a perfect meal for that perfect moment. Fancy a burger? No problem we???ll show you where to go. You want to taste our Belgian specialty? French fries over there! In the mood for something more? We???ll tell you the exact locations of the hotspots. Did you already know that Wout Bru, one of our finest cooks, could be preparing your meal? It???s even possible to experience the most amazing food/music mix in the history of mankind. At B- EAT, you???ll be able to stir up and indulge all your senses.


And what about the diehards – the people that really make their own meal near their tent? All together, cosy next to one and??other, talking about the previous or next gig???Or what about the food on the party flights? ??How is the food up there? Some serious questions, don’t you think? That???s why we will scan the camping site and the party flights in search for the most extraordinary meals of TML. Are you going to Tomorrowland and you???re bringing something typical from??your country? Tell us about it using #madness14 on twitter or in the comments. And hopefully we???ll run into eachother!

See you in the madness. Or at the chippy.



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Cross Media Fan, Cross Media Student at KdG, Antwerp and future intern at Surgo Group NYC ( boejaah baby! ). Always in for an awesome meal. Wine lover, beer drinker.

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