How to keep your smartphone charged at Tomorrowland


For those lucky ones who get to go to Tomorrowland, there is the unspoken obligation to freaking spam their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels about it (use the hashtag #madness14 people!). This however will quickly take its toll on your smartphone???s battery life. Luckily Tomorrowland has a cheap solution to keep your phone charged during your time in the madness. When you reach the first information booth after passing through the main entrance, look to your left, and you will find the battery pack station. Here you can get a 2600 mAh battery pack (enough to recharge most smartphone at least once). For this power pack you hand over 7 tickets (??? 14), in return you???ll get three things:

  • First off: a surprisingly tiny and light 2600 mAh battery pack and a tiny USB-cable (depending on your device it will be a different cable of course)
  • The promise (don???t worry, they???ll keep this, I checked) that when your battery pack is empty you can go back and exchange it for a full one
  • The promise that when you don???t need it anymore you can return the (undamaged and including the USB-cable) battery pack for five of the seven tickets you handed over earlier. So basicly it will only have cost you two??tickets (??? 4) to have had your phone recharged for as long as you want to…. (To be honest, I didn???t check this promise. Five tickets or ??? 10 for a 2600 mAH battery pack in a Tomorrowland style wrapper seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me :) )

Do watch out if you want to share your battery pack if your friend has an iPhone 5 and you have an iPhone 4 or another smartphone (Android or whatever), you will need 2 different USB-cables and this is not default included in the price! I saw two people getting away with getting two USB-cables for one battery pack, but all the others had to pay up an extra ticket for the additional USB-cable (And in all fairness, they looked like a hot set blondes looking for a festival threesome and the guy behind the desk was clearly already fantasising about it… Couldn???t really blame him, to be honest). Still, one ticket is two euros, which is pretty much the best price you???ll get for an USB-cable on Tomorrowland I think, so it???s pretty handy to know that if you are short an USB-cable you can also buy them there. You also might want to check if the battery pack is still charging after two to three minutes. Sometimes a defect or poorly charged battery pack gets in or your cable might break (don???t worry they replace it without question). But basically, for two tickets you can have a charged phone during the entire Tomorrowland experience. All you have to do is pay up and plan in a refill trip every 12 hours or so.


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