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What gadgets should I bring to Tomorrowland? How can I protect these gadgets from being damaged? How, what, where,..? In this post I???ll give an overview of useful??gadgets and tech that will make your festival so much easier!

Why should I bring my smartphone and not some old, so-called, festival phone?
Well, how else will you be able to take nice pictures with Instagram, and share these throughTwitter and/or Facebook? You need to be able to share your madness! (TIP: don???t forget your charger)

Some less obvious tech and gadgets now. The gadgets that may help you either protect your tech or make it live longer. Because these days ??a smartphone doesn???t last that long. And if you drop it, 9 out of 10 times you can say goodbye to your nice touch screen. A list of these handy gadgets:

Charging devices: Because a smartphone doesn???t live longer than a day.

1)?????????? A power bank: A what? A small device that charges your smartphone, without the need of an outlet.

  1. The ???old-school??? power bank: I own one of these myself. It???s perfectEasyAcc powerbank for those moments when you think you???re going to make it home without charging, but you actually don???t. It???s an EasyAcc??5000mAh ultra
    slim power bank. Compatible with every phone that has a USB charger. Fully charged this power bank can charge your phone from 0% to 100% about 2 times, depending what phone you have. It???s also ultra slim which means you???ll be able to put it in the same pocket your phone is in!
    You can get a power bank like this for around $25 or ???19
  2. Battery pack case:What? A protective case for your iPhoneiPhone battery case that charges your phone at the same time. It doesn???t look that great but it sure is handy as hell! This particular model is a 4200mAh charger. Compared to the power bank this will store about a 130% charge for your iPhone as a top up battery supply, but??it will charge your phone??slightly slower.
    You can get this Battery case for $24 or ???18
  3. solar chargerSolar charger, for the real fancy people:Just hold the device in the sun
    and it can charge your phone for hours and hours.
    This fancy gadget has 2 downsides: No sun = no charger. And it???s an expensive gadget. You can purchase the solar charger for around $120 or ???88

2)?????????? Protective cases: For those moments when you drop your phone on a rock or in a puddle of water.

  1. The life proof nuud case: Not just dustproof or waterproof, but LIFE proof! This case protectsLifeproof case your iPhone from all water, dust and other stuff it may encounter on a festival. The colors of the case could???ve been a little bit better since you only have the choice between Dark lime green and Blaze pink for this particular model.
    You can buy a lifeproof case for $88 or ???65

So now you know what gadgets you need to bring to a festival to protect that one device we all hold dear to our hearts these days.


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  1. Sean aka 00Gizmo on

    My mom has that life proof case in Gray. It is actually very nice and has a good feel. The headphone port actually has a plug that unscrews from the bottom. The lock switch is a little tough, but that is expected from a protective case. All in all a very nice case.

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