The perfect shoes during bad weather


One thing is for sure. Belgium has the best chocolate, waffles and French fries in the world! What we’re not always sure of, is the weather. From the past, we’ve learned that the climate can change unexpectedly. Imagine your favorite sneakers getting messed up thanks to the weather. So here are a couple of shoes that you can wear without messing up your shoe game.

Rain Boots

Most of the Festivals take place on open fields where a heavy rain, from the night before or at the time itself, can create a lot of mud. That’s why rain boots and duck boots are the perfect solution for this one. They can protect your feet from getting wet and you pants from getting filthy. Brands have started designing fashionable rain boots so we can match them as well??as possible with our day to day clothing. Brands like Bogs Boots, Kamik, Hunter Originals and many more got it al figured out for you. You’ll just have to pick (check rain boots webshop to buy them online last-minute).



If you’re not down with boots, and you need a couple of fresh sneakers to complete your festival outfit, brands like Nike, Gourmet and others give you the possibility to not worry about if your sneakers become wet or dirty. Nike redesigned the famous Air Force One into a mix of the classic silhouette and the duck boot. With the Dignan by Gourmet, that comes in different colors, it will be like putting on running shoes. Light and easy to wear and, of course, easy to wash.




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