How to remix your festival outfit


Customizing has become easier as technology has been moving forward and brands have stepped up their game by offering apps and using social media (contests) to create your own imagery on their footwear, shirts, bags and other fashion items. I???ve selected and tested 5 new customizing tools to enhance your festival outfit.

1. Adidas originals twitter contest

You???ve probably seen the new ZXflux and now you can win a personalized pair by tweeting your favorite picture to Adidas original. As soon as you have sent your image, Adidas will reply to you with a picture of your customized sneaker. It???s easy to enter and a fun campaign for the launch of their new app.Mi mzflux

2. Ray-Ban REMIX

If you like to stand out in??the crowd by wearing personalized eye-wear, this might be a cool option. If you don???t have any inspiration, you can start from the Ray-Ban designers collection, but if you have a pretty good idea of what you want, you can begin by selecting your preferred model and start customizing. Once you???ve selected the colors for the front, temples and lenses, you can also engrave your glasses with anything less than 11 letters.Rayban

3. May 28th watches

Got some amazing pictures on Instagram? With May 28th you can log into your account and scroll through your personal photos so you can print them on the screen of a simply designed watch. To finish things off, you can adapt the color of the bands, case and watch hands. No instagram? No worries, you can also upload pictures from your desktop and start customizing.












4. Nail Snaps

Girls love their nail art and their Instagram, so it isn???t much of a surprise that two ladies from the USA created the Nail Snaps app. With this app you can print your favorite pictures on applicable custom nail polish stickers and start flaunting. The app isn???t on the market yet, as they just got funded on Kickstarter in April 2014, but you can subscribe on Nail Snaps and you???ll be the first one to know when the app launches. Just a little more patience, girls???

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 17.54.30

5. CRTL Copy

And last but not least, why don???t you go for a D.I.Y. approach. CTRL copy is a new initiative by a group of Antwerp creatives, who will help you print your own designs with the use of silk-screening. You can choose between a ??workshop or masterclass, depending on your experience and you can subscribe as individual or with a bunch of friends. Make sure to make an appointment in advance.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 18.02.43





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