The party flight experience!


If you’re living far away from Belgium, and you have no idea how to get there to attend Tomorrowland, then you may want to try the Brussels Airlines party flight!. The Brussels Airlines party flight is the best way to do it!
Party flight? Just some music playing in the plane.. NO!??The party flight is more than just music on the plane. As soon as you arrive at the airport, your special journey starts!

The madness already starts when you arrive at the gate, where you’ll get a goodie-bag. What’s in it is a surprise ;)??Then you board the plane where the first party starts! A live DJ will entertain you during the flight! How awesome is that? When you touch ground??in Belgium, you will be welcomed at special Tomorrowland desks, from where you’ll be taken to your hotel or your camping spot in DreamVille.

A picture says more than…
Here are some pictures from last year. (Flight: Basel to Brussels with DJ Yves V!)


Here are some statistics about how/what/where:



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